domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

The metric

Well, in the past week i had losts of problems in synchronizing the Matlab imported data with the groundtruth and the data from the rosbag.

So we decided to use the txt file with the groundtruth data to also use the x and y positions in the file to be segmented with the already implement Segmentation Algorithms:

  1. Simple Segmentation
  2. Multivariable Segmentation
  3. Dietmayer Segmentation (or Jump distance segmentation)
  4. Santos approach of the Dietmayer Segmentation
  5. Adaptative Breakpoint Detector 
  6. Spacial Nearest Neighbor 
Note: The Lee Segmentation Algorithm described on the previous post, presented very poor results. So we decided to discard it.

So we need to create a metric to compare the performance of the several algorithms:

For each cluster:
  • Calculate the distance to every groundtruth cluster (central point distance)
  • Energy function, for each iteration (scan): 

    • E = ∑ min_distance( Cluster - GroundtruthCluster ) x (Number_clusters / Number_clusters_groudtruth)
    • In the end we sum the Energies for all the iterations.

Note: This metric will probably be improved.

In the next post i hope i will be able to present some results. 


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