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Introduction - Initial Objectives


My name is Daniel Coimbra, i am 22 years old and i am a Mechanical Engineering student from University of Aveiro, Portugal and i am currently working on my master degree project.

The title of my project is "Multiple Target Tracking and Detection on Road Environment ", it is related to the Advanced Preception Systems for the "ATLASCAR", which is an ongoing project of the Laboratory of Automation and Robotics of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Aveiro which the ultimate goal is to build a full autonomous driving car. For more information about the ATLASCAR project, feel free to check the official site: http://atlas.web.ua.pt/atlascar.html

The main  topic of my project relates to the Tracking of moving objects which presents a great importance in several areas:
  • Mobile Robotics:
    • Calculation of time to collision with surrounding objects, so that dangerous situations may be avoid.
    • Path planning for Driving aid systems.
  • Security applications:
    • Personal access control in buildings.
    • Crowd control operations in malls and airport for example.
In short, the main goal of my project is to Develop one or more Multiple Target Tracking Algorithms that should detect the presence of moving agents around the vehicle and then determine the position and velocity, for measuring the distances of the objects from the car i use a Laser Ranger Finder (LRF). The second objective is to extract features and classify them based on the geometric outlines and dynamic behavior. The classification can result in different categories such as: persons, cars, trucks and bikes.

  The main tasks are:
  • State of the art in Multiple Target Tracking Algorithms
  • Implement different Segmentation Methods
    • Simple Segmentation (Euclidean distance and threshold)
    • Dietmayer Segmentation
    • Adaptative Breakpoint Detector
    • Multivariable Segmentation
    • K-means
  • Implement different feature extraction algorithms
    • Geometrical range features extracted from laser-segments and them compose a feature vector to perform the classification.
  • Implement a data association algorithm which will associate a measurement to an existing track or a new track.
  • Data collection and validation of the Algorithms on the road - real time / on the fly.

I will develop my program using ROS (C++) and RVIZ for data representation,

My first presentation can be found here.

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