sábado, 23 de março de 2013

Week 18 - 23 March

First I've developed a platform for advertising and subscribing a topic from a rosbag which contains sensor_msgs/LaserScan. Them I am applying several Distance-Based Segmentation Algorithms to find out how many objects exist at the time of the scan:

  1. Simple Segmentation 
  2. Dietmayer Segmentation
  3. Adaptative Breakpoint Detector
  4. Multivariable Segmentation  - Cosine distance based 

At the moment, none of these algorithms by themselves solves any of the main Tracking Problems such as shape change or occlusions.

After i do the segmentation, i represent the results on a rviz plataform. For each scan, each cluster is represented by a different color and as an id:

   As expected, the results among the three first methods were very similar, because they are all euclidean distance based.

 At the moment i am still trying do improve the implementation Multivariable Segmentation because until now it is showing very poor results.

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